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Item Traffic Pole
Description Traffic Pole
Length : 1.20 Meters
Weight : 6kgs
Material : PVC and Plastic and Rubber base.
Reflective Material : Reflective Sheeting collar.
Strong Adhesion : can bear heavy duty working condition, heat and being exposed to sunlight and heat for long hours.

Traffic Pole
Flexible Delineator
Thickness : Upperside : 5.5 mm
Lowerside : 8.5 mm
With the top part that is highly elastic, it can rebound to its original position with ease while the base remain intact. The base is strongly fixed to the ground via usage of 3 stronger and longer screws compared to lesser number of screws by competitors. The base is highly flexible and stronger.
Made of durable material-EDPM
Greater Impact Resistance
Highly resistant to Ultra Violet Rays
Highly Resistant To Scratches and Abrasions
Does not tear easily
Highly reflective (3M HIP Reflective Stickers)
Excellent re-boundable properties

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